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Kyoto was the best part of the trip in so many ways. The landscape, the people, the shrines & temples. It is stunning, all around. It is hard to put into the right words. The food, the warmth, the serene air, the sound of monks chanting. We stayed in the Gion District, which I highly recommend…

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  • Aliki - Dear Kate,
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring trip with us. The photos are sumptuous yet delicate – like the houses, gardens, and people. Your brief descriptions are perfect to fill in and guide us on this miraculous tour. I felt I was walking beside you. If you can’t resist sending more, do! I will love it. I hope you don’t mind if I share these with the family.
    Thank you again.

You have noticed my absence from the web, or if you follow me on instagram through my personal account or my wedding account, you would have seen lots of pictures from Japan in the last ten days. I’m excited to share with you some pictures from the trip! While it was a bit short, it…

  • Aliki - Kate,I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to open these. Every photo exquisite and your messages led them on. I will look deeper and further tomorrow but thank you for supplying my dreams for tonight.So inspiring for you.
    Love and sweet dreams,

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