a big storm knocked it over

Nature has a way of creating her own plans that don’t always go along with mine. I had several photo sessions scheduled this weekend that we had to cancel because of the blizzard. With that being said, I wanted to continue with some more love stories, but instead  I am posting pictures from the blizzard. I’ve been reading, drinking hot chocolate, reading a little more, watched 2 Project Runways, and caught up on Girls. Aside from tunneling my way out this morning, and sitting by the fire to warm up, there is not much to do but sit and wait till the roads clear. If you haven’t read Laurie Colwin, I suggest you pick up a copy of her book (post title) It’s one of my favorites. Another favorite from her is, Happy all the Time. Stay warm and cozy everyone- The governor has banned all road travel (in RI and MA too). so it looks like at least a few more episodes of Enlightened to catch up on. xokate

PS-everyone keeps asking how many inches we got-the truth is, it’s hard to tell, because snow drifts are up to five feet in some places. My best guess is about two and half feet.