a winter indoor garden

Bringing nature inside is one of my most favorite things to do when its cold outside. It lifts my spirits and it’s really easy to do with some bulbs, because they don’t need soil, just water. In the middle of the winter it can get expensive to buy fresh bouquet’s each week to put around the house. If you are like me, and absolutely love having flowers in the house year round, I suggest trying to force spring bulbs. Until just recently (aside from forcing paperwhites during the holidays) I realized you can also force hyacinth. For info on the how-to you can check it out here. I just think a row of these would be so lovely and add such a pop of color (and scent) to any dreary winter day. xo-Kate

PS-hope you are enjoying you long weekend. Happy M.L.K. day. Here is a great link with 17 Martin Luther King Jr quotes you never hear.