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Hello, I am Kate!, A Connecticut wedding and Family photographer. I have called Connecticut home for 20 years.I love film, the ocean, my family, and my two Golden retrievers, Griffin + Clementine.


x, Kate


“There are an infinite number of reasons why I love photography and it seems each time I capture an image, that number increases by at least one more reason".

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My dream super power:

talking to animals or maybe time travel.

My spirit animal is a:


ⓐ Tiger

ⓑ Monkey

◉ Whale

My favorite meal is:


My favorite podcast is:

Terrible ,thanks for asking

My dream vacation is:


◉ Europe with best friends & camera

ⓑ anywhere warm

ⓒdeep in the mountains

Can't live without:

my dogs

Golden Retriever

Currently binging:

Restored By The Fords on hgtv

My go to Starbucks order"


ⓐ Black coffee

◉ double latte

ⓒ Chai Tea latte

Yup, that's me

I love looking though old family pictures.

Most recent book I read:

The Sound of Gravel

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Kate Uhry Photography captures weddings, families, editorial.



and available for travel worldwide.

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