apple blossoms + lilacs

I love the crabapple tree in my yard. It is perfectly shaped, and delivers these beautiful blooms each May. The lilacs are one of my favorite blooms, but they don’t last long when cut, and brought in the house. A friend gave me a tip, that works: if you crush the stems with a hammer before putting in water, they last longer. The same goes for any woody stem. Placed in old milk bottles, or mason jars, they make for the nicest country/rustic bouquets and table settings. Perfect for a spring wedding, or party.

You can wrap your flowers in brown craft paper. I love cutting flowers from the garden and bringing them to friends, but until this year (after seeing something like this on Pinterest) didn’t think of this simple way to wrap them. If you have raffia, or garden twine you can tie them neatly. I used an old-fashioned brown tag to tie when bringing to my mom for Mother’s Day. It is so simple, but makes for a nice presentation.