an artists studio

the artist (with iPhone) and some of her works.

 detail After AP110314027340 Japan
18” x 18”
gouache on paper

He/she, detail: encaustic on vintage hand tools
He/she, detail: encaustic on vintage hand tools

Remains, detail: house paint on beaver sticks
Bantam, CT
I was so excited to get a peak of the artist, Jessica Jane ‘s studio. Located in the northwest corner of CT in Litchfield County, at a old switch plate factory. The space is beautiful, and sits right on the main road, with the Bantam river just behind it. Years ago the factory was indeed an electric switch plate factory, and then went into disrepair and decay. The factory now, hosts some retail on the first floor, and above many artists gallery’s. A truly funky find in this part of CT. It has that loft-like industrial space feel to it, but instead, of being in Brooklyn, you are in one of the most bucolic settings Connecticut has to offer (win-win).
The studio overlooks the river, with splashes of pink paint (from her latest installation) and a few guitars laying around (for when her husband practices with his band). The bands name was actually inspired from the old factory! Jane received her undergraduate degree in art, and her Masters in Architecture, from Yale. After working in various architectural and design firms for several years, she decided to pause her architectural practice, returning to making art. 
Please take a look at Jessica’s work, and view her online portfolio at, or if you have any questions you can email her at