fall whispers (I listen).

fall leaf

Fall whispers, and I listen. While winter is quiet, and summer is serene,  fall  is just a whisper. I listen to the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, the occasional pitter patter of rain on the wood shingles, and it is all a whisper. A gray-red orange-amber whisper.

fall whispers | Kate Uhry photography

fall whispers Kate Uhry photography

We walk daily through the woods, and in and out of the forest, to the wetlands, and across shallow rivers and inlets.

fall whispers

We nap more, I read more. I pick up magazines from last month I never had the time to read, and light a fire. We listen to the geese fly overhead every night just at dusk. We watch the leaves fall in windy tiny tornados. I Chase light, and shadows. Always seeking the golden hour. By far the shortest season, but never unnoticed.