Ava eight years: New Preston, CT

Ava | eight years | Kate Uhry photoPardon me if I get a little emotional in this post. This is the eighth  year that I have photographed Ava. An all time record for documenting the same child this many years in a row. I met her parents nine years ago when I photographed their elopement at this romantic church in New Preston, CT on top of hill right about this exact time of year. The leaves were yellow and orange, and we had champagne afterwards ( I love being the witness and photographer) just the three of us. Through the years Beth, Rob, Ava and I have formed a great bond. It means so much to me to be able to photograph Ava every year. So if you are curious, you can also check out the other posts from previous years. (links below). Without further ado, Ava at eight years old.

Ava-11Ava-44Ava Eight years | New Preston CT Ava eight years New Preston, CT Kate Uhry photoAva | Kate uhry photoAva Eight years | Kate Uhry photoAva eight years | Kate UhryAfterwards we warmed up over drinks and prestzels at the Hopkins inn. Love that she has practically had the same haircut since she was two!

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