March Farm

December snuck in. With out snow, with out warning, and on a 65 degree day I wandered down the road with my camera, and was struck by both the beauty and the starkness of the orchard near my home.
The apples still dangling from the bare trees, it was both beautiful and odd, as nature can be. As autumn turns to official winter in a few weeks, I am still not ready for the change. But seeing the apples, hanging in there as long as they can, reminds me that winter is not far. So it was nice to be able to get out with my camera and enjoy what may be one of the last days before winter strikes us.If you get the chance to visit 
March farms, it is a family run and operated farm, with fruit and berry picking all season, and during the holidays you can buy homemade pies (made by Mrs. March) and wander around. Of course, I can now picture the stark trees with red fruit, in a white blanket of snow. visit for more information