boho chic wedding hair

boho flower wedding hair

 I ‘m quite taken with this oh so trendy, but lovely boho chic wedding hair: I’ve been summer-dreaming lately. Drifting into sleep thinking about warmer days. I love how the light hits her hair in just the right way, showing off honey highlights…but I digress.

boho chic wedding hairstyle

I pretty much think everyone should wear fresh flowers in their hair whenever they get the chance. For more on hairstyles for your own wedding you can check out my Pinterest board for ideas. Is it just me, or have we completely reverted back to the 70’s flower-power child hair? Ok by me. I know floral crowns and head wreaths are sort of trendy right now, but I’m quite smitten. Thoughts?


Hair is by Isabella Vazquez at Joe’s Hair Salon in New Milford.