boxwood wreath


boxwood wreath


diy wreath

I love simple green wreaths with nothing on them . It has a bit  of a Carl Larsson feeling to me. It was sort of a spur of the moment project. I needed to step away from editing some wedding pictures for a bit and go outside. I saw the boxwood in the garden and started cutting! Normally people use a form, but of course I didn’t have one, so instead just looped it around. If you don’t mind that it is not perfectly round, you can do it my way, but if you prefer it more circular (or a square) you will need a form (which you can pick up at a craft or garden store). You will need wire cutters, florist wire, clippers, & ribbon. I like the classic red grosgrain, but anything simple would do. Here is what you do:

1. Using your clippers, cut fresh boxwood clippings.

2. Try to get a long strand, or you can attach two boxwood pieces together with the florist wire.

3. Tie both branch ends together with the florist wire, making a circle.

4. Take your red ribbon and tie in a knot, loop it through- on the wreath, you can make a bow, or not.

5. This second knot will allow you to hang your wreath on a hook or door knob.

 It certainly is very home-made looking, and a bit wonky, but I’ve decided I like it anyway. You could also make teeny ones for doorknobs, or a string a bunch of them on a garland. Cute and simple I think, yes?

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