brides in black and white

{a few favorites from over the years}

How do you know when you get it right? You just do. Most of the time. Even before digital arrived, (when you can check and see if you got the shot). It is instinctual, it is part of being in the moment. Having taken pictures of brides now for almost fifteen years, I have to say that they don’t just blend into on another (as one may think). Each, with their own personality, each that have left an impression on me. I have connected on a personal level with every one. I feel especially nostalgic about black and white. I spent years in the darkroom carefully unloading film in the dark room, watching it develop, handling each piece of paper gingerly with the tongs as I set it in the developer. Watching it emerge. I shot only in black and white film up until about five years ago. I only used color when asked by a bride. I guess with progress comes change. But I must say I miss the smell of stop bath. Thank you to all my unique and beautiful brides, for sharing their most important and memorable day with me. I feel honored.

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