california part three

palm California| Kate Uhry Photobeach-Santa Monica| Kate Uhry photo

food truck| Kate Uhry Photo

ivy wall

california2sunset-Griffith Observatory-Kate Uhry

Hollywood Sign- Kate Uhry Photo

2 palms

muralsanta monica peir

lifeguard stand( Kate Uhry Photo)California

California was a hard trip (personally) but I realized today that what I got out of it was these images. And it took me longer to edit them than any others; not because it was arduous, but because it was emotional. Traveling is always lovely, and being in an environment that is so different to ones own is always amazing (whether you are a photographer or not). It helps to see things in ways you don’t everyday, and takes you to places in both your heart and mind that remove you from your comfort zone. It forces me (a typically shy person) to engage with strangers (lower image). And nothing pleases me more, then walking alone, camera in hand, and no one else to worry about. If just for a moment. You can see the rest here + here.

Have a lovely weekend!