california part two (flora)

oranges off the tree | Kate Uhry Photography

As I mentioned earlier this week, I am slowly sorting through some images I took on my trip out to LA last week. The first few days were rainy and overcast, but I loved looking at all the plants, flora and trees. The oranges especially were pretty fun to pick for this New Englander, and the smell of the orange blossoms permeated the air as the rain still fell.
flora-california -Kate Uhry Photographybougainvillea | Kate Uhry Photographysucculents after the rain | KAte Uhry Photographyorange tree| Kate Uhry Photographypalms | California - Kate Uhry Photographypalms 2 _Kate Uhry Photographyfeet first-California| Kate Uhry Potography

I’ll have a few more posts next week, with this ENDLESS winter here in New England (and most of the country) I thought it would be nice to look at some sunny warm California pictures as an escape.  I was over the moon to get home to see my dogs. Yes, I have become that person. Have a lovely weekend!