candid camera: the reception

Many people think wedding photos and what pops into mind are the classically framed photos with the light just right, and the bride striking a pose with a handsome groom by her side. This is all wonderful. But it recently became apparent to me (by a request to see more candid reception photos) that some of my favorite shots  are when they didn’t know I was shooting. The father/daughter  son/mother dance, the expression on the face of the couple when their best friend is making a toast, or finally the moments of pure joy during the reception when everyone  kicks off their shoes (literally) and dances. These are the moments I wanted to share. It is always hard to pick and choose what to put on my web site.  I have my own personal favorites, and then I  narrow it down to others tastes as well. I try to switch up my site at least seasonally. Check back and make sure you view some blogs as well. I hope this gives you a glimpse at the joy and (sometimes) tears that take place during the reception, when finally everyone is at ease.