clean design

clean design

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about leading a more uncluttered and fussy lifestyle. Which means pairng down, and deciding what is important and what isn’t. Do we hold on to things for too long? Do we let them them go too easily, for the sake of design? clean design

I grew up in a pre-war apartment on the west side of Manhattan . We fancied ourselves the modern vesrion of the Bronte sisters. My parents raised us in a very liberal, intellectual and artistic environment…exposing us to as many things in childhood as possible. Books everywhere, musical instruments scattered about. Finding a pair of ballet slippers before class was always a task. I wouldn’t have changed the chaos and beauty of it all for a moment. However, once I was on my own, and had my own space, I became very clean, and very particular. Well, I guess some people could call it fussy. I thrive in a clean house, I work bettter, faster and feel better. When I see clutter it sets me into panic mode. I can’t do anything else.

So when I first moved into this house (top picture) I wanted it to be very clean and minimal. However, after almost 15 years here, things are starting to look cluttered.  I need to rethink what it is to live minimally, and hold on to the sentimental things. My Mother, now that she has no children in the house, has figured out a way to keep the things she loves. Books and handmade pottery from the 70’s that she made, without it lookin fussy (bottom picture). I would love tips on how to do this. Anyone out there able to do this? Help.

images via my instagram account