crane beach

crane beachcrane beachcrane beachcrane beach (Kate Uhry Photography)Crane beachcrane beachcrane beach


Last weekend I was so lucky to have been able to sneak out for an hour while near Ipswich, MA and take a walk on Crane beach with my young niece, Grace on my birthday. It was special for a lot of reasons, I don’t get to go as often as I’d like, Grace is 14 , and as a teenager I am glad she still loves to spend time alone with me. But also, it was my birthday, and if I could be anywhere on my birthday it is the beach. Especially this one, which holds so many memories for me. As you can see the tables were turned on me  while Gracie snapped a few iPhone pictures of me (this is a rare occasion as I hate having my picture taken). I realized (duh) the best pictures of me are usually taken A. at the beach B. when I’m happy  C. taken by someone who makes me feel comfortable and happy. If you’ve never been, go. A walk at sunset or low tide is always lovely.