darling clementine

darling clementineThe last two weeks have been beyond busy (why I have not had a chance to update blog). Meet Overlooks Darling Clementine! About three weeks ago I got a text from my breeder where I got Bode, saying that someone had backed out at the very last moment, and that he still had a 10 week old female available. I went to go visit the very next day, and with-in 24 hours, I had a new puppy. This wasn’t planned, though I have to admit, I had deeply regreted not keeping a puppy from the litter that Bode sired, and had been thinking about a new puppy ever since January. I kept talking myself out of it, until I no longer could. clementine2My days have been filled with puppy naps, puppy hiccups, and very little sleep. But it’s all worth it. She is an angel. Fiesty as can be when she is in play mode, and then hilarious when she wants to be, and naps on the couch in the finniest postions (I swear she is half human). clementine3Every moment that I can, I try to work, do laundry clean the house, but I forgot how much work a new puppy is. darling ClementineSo far she is getting along great with everyone she meets. She loves my older girl, Ruby, who turned 13 last week, and follows her everywhere. Bode, is still warming up to his little sister. But he loves nappying near her.clementine-and-georgeDarling ClementineClementineclementine-sleeps