dinner al fresco


Now that summer has arrived, i’ve been been eating dinner outside almost every night-which is really nice. Summer lends itself to more company as well, so i’ve had house guests in and out over the last several weeks (that’s what happens when you live two hours from New York city and all your friends are looking for a beautiful escape for a few days). My favorite summer memories usually involve the simpler moments, the kind that sort of sum up summer. Last week we had Pizza night with friends, and everyone chose their own toppings, the night and the cooking went on for hours, while we sipped wine, and made mini individual pizzas and listened to music.
For the crust, we bought it fresh from a local pizza place, which was something I figured out a few years ago (so much easier than making your own and really yummy). For toppings we had: green olives, pesto, fresh tomatoes, garlic, caramelized onions, artichokes, mushrooms, fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil and arugula! It was so good! The salad that we made was amazing, and has become a quick favorite for me; arugula, fresh figs, and goat cheese. Everything paired perfectly with some pinot grigio. If you are looking for an interactive casual dinner party, I have to say this is so fun, and it brings out the chef in everyone! For more on what I’ve been cooking outside you can see here and here for recipes!