the easiest pasta ever.

I am not the fanciest or best cook, but I do love it.

One of my favorite and easiest go-to dishes is this pasta my sister showed me how to make about 15 years ago. It is basically a bruschetta served over fresh pasta. I made it last night in a pinch (starving hungry) with limited ingredients in the fridge, I always seem to have Penne on hand. In the summer, I grow my own basil and have tomatoes in my kitchen garden. I also live a stones throw away from an organic farm, so finding heirloom tomatoes is very easy.

Penne With Fresh Heirloom tomatoes and Basil.
It’s best if you can let the sauce marinate all day!

What you Need:
(two large servings)
Penne Pasta (1/2 pound)
3 fresh tomatoes (any variety will do, but I love using different colors when the heirlooms are in season)
Fresh Basil (half cup)
EVOO (2 tablespoons)
Garlic (a few cloves or to your liking)
Parmesen or asiago cheese to taste

  • Boil water for penne.
  • chop up tomatoes, basil and garlic.
  • set aside in bowl and let marinate with the olive oil while waiting for pasta to cook.
  • boil pasta per box directions, about 11 minutes for al dente.
  • drain pasta.
  • toss tomato mixture over pasta and grate fresh cheese on top. Serve immediately while hot.

The whole thing takes twenty minutes tops and is so fresh and pretty.  Enjoy your weekend.

Next weekend I’ll be in NewYork, shooting a wedding in South Street Seaport, so excited! If you want to see the engagement photos you can take a look at them here.