evenings in the garden

After a really long weekend (and a long day) it is so nice to enjoy the garden just before the sun sets. After a quick and rather furious storm blew through last night, the rain gave way to beautiful light. I know I am sort of pushing the envelop with all these flower pictures, but these moments are so fleeting, I don’t want to forget a thing. My sister shared a quote with me a few months ago that resonated with me; it said pay attention to the things that people photograph, they are usually the things they don’t want to forget. If I could bottle the scent in the early morning of wild road-side roses + sweet honeysuckle, maybe the faint smell of petunias, fresh cut grass….summer. I can’t, so I suppose all these pictures will do for now.
There is a great collection of essays by Robert Adams called Why People Photograph that you can find here.  These pictures were all taken around 7:30 pm, which is just crazy light, hard to believe we are so close to the summer solstice already! Have a beautiful day! All this week I will be celebrating all things summer on the blog. So stay in touch! xo