everything lavender

I love my lavender! Each year, I plant another because I can never have too much. I dry it, and it lasts for a year around the house. I’ve got French lavender and English lavender. I put it by my bedside table, I cook with it, I make sachets, and use the seeds to make simple syrup.

Here are a few DIY links form around the web, you can try with your lavender. Lavender bread, this looks so good, though I haven’t tried it yet.  Lavender simple syrup, you can use this in summer cocktails (one of my fav’s is a lavender mojito). Lavender sachets, put them in your delicates drawer.

And for those who want to purchase anything (and everything) lavender.
Check out Local Harvest here. And don’t miss this lovely Etsy shop, Prince Snow Farm. I adore her stuff!