unmade bed 

I am definitely drawn to both dark and light styles of photography, but recently I’ve been interested in bright white light. Since my bedroom has early mid-morning southern exposure, I thought it would be a good place to start. It is so bright and soothing to me in the wintertime.  What type of light do you prefer? Dark and shadowy (ahh the drama), or light and airy? Since it has been absolutely freezing the last several days, I have been looking for inspiration indoors. I like this white filtered light. For more on light, exposure and interesting wedding lighting you can read further here.


1. The condition of being exposed, especially to severe weather or other forces of nature: was hospitalized for the effects of exposure.
2. A position in relation to climatic or weather conditions or points of the compass: Our house has a southern exposure.
a. The act of exposing sensitized photographic film or plate.
b. A photographic plate or a piece of film so exposed.
c. The amount of radiant energy needed to expose a photographic film.