flower garland (DIY)


I love the simplicity of this little project  which I used for a styled photo shoot (stay tuned later this week). You only need a few things, and a tiny bit of patience. garland flowers

flower mess-Garland DIYflower garland2



rose flower garland DIY

Here is what you’ll need:

  1. clippers & scissors for flowers and sniping the jute string.
  2. Flowers – I used a combo of roses and bright orangy-red carnations, which almost looked like poppies!
  3.  Jute String which you can pick up at any hardware or garden store.

Simply measure the length of garland you want and double it so you have room for tying the flowers on and for giving it  bit of “swag”. Loop the end of the flower on the string and tie a knot. You can leave some short (I did this with the roses) and some longer (as I did with the carnations). Totally be creative and just see how you like the way it looks and the color combo. Clearly I went with different reds for valentines day, but you could do this for any party or wedding with whatever sturdy flowers (daisies would work nicely in the spring). You can incorporate it into any color scheme  you are working with! Have fun, I know I loved making a big beautiful mess!