foraging: through the herb garden


Before the winter storm hit us, I decided since it was balmy 28 degrees I would take a peak into the fenced in kitchen garden. I couldn’t believe that some of the herbs were green still. I later learned that both summer & winter savory have a lot of medicinal qualities; winter savory has been purported to have antiseptic & aromatic properties, can sooth a cough (and croup) and work as an expectorant. The lavender was still a pale green, and when I went to touch it the smell of fresh lavender (even just the green plant has scent) stuck to my cold fingers. So I chopped away just a bit, and smiled the entire time. Nothing could make me smile more on the first day of January then finding something alive in the garden.  I will forever be the curious child; picking, cutting and foraging through the woods of my childhood, collecting and observing.

On a side note: wondering about a winter bouquet? I saw this in the Vow’s section on Sunday and was so inspired. Imagine a local, seasonal bouquet for your wedding. Wouldn’t it be so lovely?

Have a lovely weekend & stay warm.