friend ship


Starting to decorate the inside of the house, but waiting till I get back from my quick trip to Chicago before we get the tree. Im going to Chicago (one of my favorite cities) to see a whole bunch of my college friends, as well as celebrate my dear friends baby shower! I can’t wait to see everyone. Seeing them all always makes me feel so happy. We mostly laugh till we cry, eat really good food, and reminisce about our college days. No one (except maybe my sisters) makes me laugh harder.

Also, fun, she doesn’t know if she is having a girl or a boy, so it will be such a surprise when the baby comes. These days it seems everyone wants to know the sex of their baby, and they announce it in such public fashion (Facebook and such). Call me old fashioned, but I love that it will be a suprise! What are your favorite baby gifts to give? Classic children’s books are mine.   Have a fun weekend! xo-Kate

PS- my grandfather made this model ship, he was amazing. Some of them can be seen at Mystic Seaport. He was an engineer, as well as a sailor, and when he retired he made model ships!