ginger prosecco fizz (with fresh basil + mint)


ginger prosecco fizz (with fresh basil + mint)

This ginger prosecco fizz with fresh basil & mint may be the best one yet.  As promised, each week this month I have posted one of my favorite summer drink recipes.

I was listening  to the  Food Schmoze on NPR about a month ago, and they were talking about innovative cocktails. The combination of ginger, and basil and lemon sounded so refreshing,  I had to try it. I made it last week on an exceptionally humid day, and it tasted like summer in a glass. Really, I’ve found that almost any combination of herb, sugar and citrus & some spirit / bubbly (I prefer clear) make a pretty good drink. in the summer, my terrace (and garden) turn into my entertaining and living space. Honestly the fresh ginger just makes this one. I can totally picture a game of croquet on the lawn, or serving this as a signature wedding drink.


Here is what you do:

Start with fresh made lemonade (very important that I stress the store bought just doesn’t cut it).

Make a simple syrup (recipe here if you don’t know how) and add in some freshly grated ginger. Set some shaved ginger aside for a garnish if you like.

Add simple syrup to the lemonade. Let stand with some sprigs of (ripped) basil to your taste.

1 bottle of prosecco or any sparkling white wine (I like the Italian).

Serve over ice in whatever glass you like, pouring the lemonade in first, and topping it off with prosecco (you don’t have to spend oodles of money on it, as you are mixing it with such intense flavors).

Garnish with mint leaves.