golden retriever puppies

Golden retriever  puppies golden retreiver puppies (7 weeks)

Golden retreiver puppies at seven weeks old are just about the cutest things you have ever seen! Golden Retriever puppies-Kate Uhry photography

Four years ago, about this time, I was awaitng the birth of my puppy (Bode). For those who know me (or even follow me on instagram) you know my Golden’s are a big part of my life. I was so lucky to come across this amazing man who breeds golden’s in the most loving & caring way. I could go on and on. For any of you who are about to “shelter-shame” me, you have to know that I tried very hard to adopt a rescue Golden, but unfortunately, the rules are so strict, that unless you have a fenced in yard, you are automatically disqualified. After searching for a humane, respectable breeder, I was so lucky to come across Overlook Goldens.  Golden Retriever puppies-Kate Uhry photographygolden puppies 2

golden retreiver puppies | Kate Uhry photogolden retreiver puppy | Kate Uhry photosleeping golden retreiver puppy I am so in love with these puppies, and so happy they are goign to such loving families.  So thankful Bode came into my world. He is a goofy, sweet, loving boy. As you can see, below, he makes me laugh all the time (this is his Elvis smile). Bode's silly goledn retreiver face.