goodbye 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. In Connecticut we had a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve–Christmas eve magic! Then boxing day we had a little snowstorm, which layered the landscape with fresh white powder. My large family spent Christmas Day at my parents farm in CT, dogs and all. Now there is frost on the branches , and the ground is a frozen tundra. It seems winter has officially settled in for good here. Im going to take a little vacation till after the New Year, but will return with some posts of a wonderful family shoot I did the day before Christmas Eve. I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and supporting me. I love what I do, and feel so lucky to call what I do”work”. A year of wonderful couples, sweet DIY weddings, and so much more, and yes, we made it despite what the Mayans had to say.  Cheers to all for a joyous 2013-Have a wonderful weekend + a happy New Year! I hope you enjoy this short slide show of some memorable moments this year!

You can also view the video on my Vimeo  it looks a lot prettier. xo-Kate