grape hyacinth

I am about to bombard you with more flower pictures (tis the season). I love the smell of grape hyacinth. The dark purple, periwinkle and white are so pretty when paired together. It almost has an ombre effect. I bought the vintage test tube vase  almost 15 years ago in Boulder, CO, and sadly one broke. When pairing flowers for cuttings, think about graduating variations of the same color (works well with lilacs too).

I took these with my iPhone, using the VSCOCAM App, you can download the app here. I was telling a friend, who wanted to take pictures of her flowers, that if set up well, in natural light you can get good shots using your iPhone (you don’t need a fancy SLR). I love editing on the go with VSCOCAM and my iPhone.

If you are looking for something similar to this vase, I found this on Anthropology . Or if you are feeling ambitious  you could make your own.