happy mother’s day and have a lovely weekend

I hope everyone gets to do something special this weekend with their mom! My mom is a huge gardner, (I inherited it from her) so I always get her something related to the garden, she is very easy to shop for. Also, my sister’s birthday is the day after, so we always celebrate both on Sunday (my sister got a bit ripped off on that one).  So I have gift idea’s on my mind for this weeks links. Here are some last minute gift ideas.

1. an old school mixed tape. I think my sister would love dig this T.
2. a poem (I just think this is so sweet and original). My mom would love it. And it’s easy-peasy to fill in the blanks.
3. And there is nothing like a homemade cake.
4. these shoes. I know…
5. Flower of the month club from White Flower farm. 
6. candles are always lovely + these are a real treat. My favorite one is Fig.
7. I am a huge cheese fan, and there is nothing like Murray’s cheese  in NYC. Did you know they have a cheese of the month club? Making note of this.
8. what about a summer hat? Love this one ! Perfect for a beach day. Or if you aren’t crazy about large floppy hats (I can’t pull them off-too tiny), this ones kinda cute too and J.crew is having a sale at 30%off!

And a song for your weekend! Have a lovely weekend xo-kate.