happy, thanks and giving.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! I am so happy (and grateful) I get to spend it with my whole family in Massachusetts; all the sisters, parents, nieces and nephews will be there. I am going to make this delicious looking pumpkin bread pudding. I had it at a restaurant a few weeks ago, and been scouring over recipes to find it ever since.

This month a wonderful friend of mine came up with the idea of “a month of gratitude”, so every day on Facebook she states one thing she is grateful for. I loved it so much i’m doing it with her. It really makes you think every day about being grateful (not just on Thanksgiving day). Has anyone else seen friends do this on Facebook? The other day she was grateful for “red” and I was grateful for heating pads (my bad back). Sometimes they are silly and sometimes they are very much not silly: but you get the gist.

 Have a lovely Thanksgiving, + eat your little hearts out!