have a beautiful weekend


have a beautiful weekend

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.  Can you believe it’s August? What are you up to? I have a few photo sessions. I hope to work out in the garden (pictured above is a bouquet from my garden), enjoy a dinner al fresco with friends, and maybe catch up on this show. Have you seen it? Here are some links from around the web that caught my eye this week.

This blog post on a dogs last  day nearly killed me. But is’s so sweet how they all surrounded him and gave him hamburgers.

These rooftop gardens and pools in the heart of Manhattan are amazing.

A song to kick off your weekend –download it here for 69 cents.

I already do this everyday and didn’t even know it was a “thing”.  Do you take time out for some sort of meditation every day?

The easiest fruit compote (perfect for waffles or pancakes).

Check out this piece in the NYT’s wedding etiquette. Only in Colorado.

The loveliest feminine white lace dress for summer.

J.crew is having a big 40% sale.

Love this nail polish color . It looks great with a tan.

My favorite  summer snack (in case you missed it).

These doughnuts look so good.

19 words that should never be used.

My guilty pleasure.

What people think of you based on your photo.

Have a lovely weekend!