hello eco-happy!


Hello Eco-happy!

I am so pleased to announce that after a lot of searching for some beautiful and eco-friendly packaging the search is over!


Why is eco-friendly important? Well, if every single wedding, or lifestyle session I took over the course of just one year was in a plastic CD holder, that would be a lot of plastic. And since I am a friend to all the creatures here on earth, a gardener, and environmentalist, eco-friendly packaging is pretty high on my list (and I hope it’s on yours too).  All the materials used are 100% from recycled papers. They also happen to match my aesthetic, so it’s pretty much a win-win. So next time you plan your photo session with me, you can look forward to receiving this nice little package on your doorstep. Wrapped with love. I also have gift certificates available, which make for lovely last minute (and no running to the mall) gifts. you can email: kate@kateuhryphoto.com for more info. for more info you can check them out here 

P.S. don’t you love their philosophy statement: “replacing blah with hand-crafted eco-happy” I do!