hello happy girl

Just a few quick images …I had a nice afternoon yesterday.

After dropping off Bode (my golden retriever) at the groomers, I picked him up to find a whole new dog, I think he lost about ten pounds of fur. AND they put a handsome blue bandanna on him. SOOO we swung by my friends house to pay a visit to her and her (almost) two year old daughter, who loves dogs. We ended up going for a lovely walk and then played in the back yard. When I asked Madelyn to say cheese, well this was her face. I just couldn’t resist (such enthusiasm).  It even made Bode smile (the last pic is him staring adoringly at her).  Ahh, the simple things. I can’t wait to photograph her on her 2nd birthday! If you want to look at some more pictures of the Conto clan, you can check it out here, and here. One of the many blessings of my job is watching a child grow and be able to document it!