herbed olive oil for dipping

herbed olive oil for dipping

I love herbed olive oil for dipping g(over butter) any day. I  have gone back in the archives from this summer, when I didn’t have as much time to blog, but wanted to share this quick & easy infused oil with you. It  makes for a lovely  dinner party addition (or make for yourself). prepare it 24 hours in advance so the herbs have time to infuse the oil. Very simple, but a standard for dipping really nice crusty bakery baguettes.

Heres what you do:

A cup of really (I mean very) good olive oil, what ever your favorite is.  Currently I like the greek one I have been able to get refills of at the local gourmet market. I love this, you buy it full, in a lovely glass decanter, and just return with your bottle for refills.

Finally chop:

3 cloves of garlic

two sprigs of Rosemary

a pinch of parsley (see no recipe, just eye it)

a pinch of sea salt (to your liking)

ground pepper to taste.

feel free to add what ever herbs you like (though basil gets pretty mushy after a few hours). I also have added (when in season) Tarragon, & summer or winter savory. You can keep it in a covered jar at room temperature over night. You can serve them in little dishes at each place setting.


Pictured above I added some fresh garden tomatoes, but they aren’t really in season now. I sometimes add the tomatoes to absorb the flavor before I toss them in with pasta.