hibernation mode (and a few good reads)

It seems we are caught between fall and winter in New England. A sort of stillness around here, where suddenly, the garden’s been cut back, most of the leaves raked, and the woods been gathered and ready for winter. I have one more wedding before 2013 season comes to an end. Everything is at a slower pace now. The days are chilly and short, but still bits of color cling to a few trees. I am finding myself  falling into winter hibernation mode already; nights by the fire, sipping chai tea, and reading loads of books. I find this time somehow both unsettling (like I am forgetting something) and welcoming. The slow pace of late fall. I thought I would share a few recommendations for all of you who are finding more time on your hands, and are looking for some good books. I highly recommend Women’s Travel Writing the new volume came out a month or so ago, and of course I am slightly bias because Marcia DeSanctis Has a wonderful story in this volume, and she is a dear friend. You can pick it up here. I also recommend Freedom, by Johnathan Franzen who is the king of the backstory. The third book (I just finished) is Say Her Name, by Francisco Goldman.What are you reading right now? I always love a good recommendation.