Details-Kate Uhry photography

What to Expect

 I approach each wedding with heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the love you have for one another.  

Expect timeless, classic images with a documentary approach. I shoot both film & digital to offer you a true fine art wedding album.

While portraits and group shots are always important, I am quick to shoot these, in a relaxed fashion-I know that you would rather be with your guests. The focus isn’t on getting posed portraits, or staged images; it’s on your relationship, your connection, and how you interact. I love to capture details, that tell the story, but most of the images I take are candid, and unscripted. 

"When you find the right match, you just know"!

I understand and appreciate that my approach is not for everyone, and I love that. The common thread of all my clients is that they are madly in love, appreciate fine art, film, design, architecture, and feel strongly connected to family. 

 I am eternally grateful to have clients around the world that have entrusted me with their memories. If my work moves you and you would like to add yourself to the list, I’d love to talk. 


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