it’s beginning to look a lot like

Day after Thanksgiving. AND…Christmas begins. Not being a “black friday” kind of person (never was never will be). I am enjoying this friday with family in Massachusetts + spending time at Crane beach.  I am, however one to get kinda excited about winter-christmas decorations. And Im not talking about tinsel. Mostly natural outdoor elements, like  greens, firewood–simple natural things. Last weekend was so sunny, I got a head start and cut greens and bittersweet for the window boxes. If you are just thinking about designing your holiday cards, don’t forget to check out my storefront at minted AND Don’t forget that tomorrow (Saturday) is small business Saturday. Shop local, and support those little stores near you. This year I am pushing towards a handmade Christmas. No buying just making. What do you think? Also a friend had a great idea; that if you can’t make it, buy it from someone who can, like a friend who makes jewelry, or knits, or even support your favorite Etsy shop. Wouldn’t that be so much lovelier?

If you want to see some of the stuff I have pinned to my winter holiday board you can check it out on Pinterest.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stuffed yourselves silly like I did. Have a lovely weekend.
xo Kate