So Lately I have been feeling completely sluggish. Perhaps it’s being indoors and watching too much reality TV (hello The Bachelor) .
But I really wanted to try juicing for a bit to give myself a fresh start. Without having to invest in a really expensive juicer, I kind of wanted to try it out first. Luckily a friend of mine has two, and lent me his to tryout. Generally speaking I eat pretty healthily, but am heavily into cheese and carbs (and Cape Cod potato chips are my downfall). I’ve always been  blessed with a pretty good metabolism, so I have never really had to diet. It would be safe to say I have a pretty healthy relationship with food. With all that being said, I could definitely benefit from eating more fruits and vegetables (especially in the winter). I am on day two three. Pretty hungry, but with a load of energy, and drinking more water than I have in my entire life (I am not a water drinker). I don’t think I could do it for more then a day without at least one healthy-hearty meal (which I did).  I am into trying different recipes. So far my favorites have been with kale, lemon, ginger  cucumber, pear, & parsley . Though a few times I have literally thrown everything in, and so far I have not made one I didn’t like. If you are interested, I would first read a ton of information about it, and how to juice responsibly. Here is a good site with common sense insight. It is a huge deal to undertake. I would at least start off having one juice in the morning to replace breakfast, and take it from there. Did you see the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?  It was a pretty intense documentary about one guy who travels the world with his juicer, spreading the word about juicing, loosing weight, and getting healthy.With that being said I couldn’t even begin to imagine juicing for months at a time! It seems very un-healthy and unnatural to me. Either way, if you just want to try a few really good recipes here is a great site. My conclusion so far is that I could see myself starting off each morning with one, but I could not see doing it for days at a time, or with-out real food. Have you tried juicing? Do you have any favorite juice recipes? Also curious what types of juicers you are using. I’ve heard the slow juicers are better than the centrifugal ones (i’m using a Breville). Thoughts? My biggest pet peeve is the waste from the pulp with the Breville. And the clean up is a mess. What were your experiences? I would love to hear!