love wins every time

Today was a remarkable day in history. For many years in Connecticut I have been lucky enough to photograph same sex couples. I mostly have photographed a lot of out of state couples who came here to be legally wed. I specifically recall a lovely couple from Maryland who came here to marry, right as CT legalized gay marriage. It was the first for me here-but they reminded me that where they live, they would not be recognized legally. And today, I think of all the couples who have come here to marry, because they couldn’t where they lived, now they have the same rights as other couples. My heart skipped a beat, and actual tears of joy welled up in my eyes for them, all of them. I have an amazing occupation: I get to witness so much love and document it. It’s hard not to get emotional about it. I can’t tell you how many times I had couples call and ask if I would photograph same-sex couples, because they had been turned down by other photographers. It made me cringe. So today, no pictures, just a heartfelt gigantic Hooray! Love wins.