I wanted to kick off February with a post about love. In the next coming weeks I will be posting love notes. I am both in awe and fascinated by love. My every day work is surrounded by love. I can’t help but wonder what love means to different people. I will be photographing my subject matters and asking them two simple questions about love; Was there a singular moment that you knew you were in love? and also, What about  loving someone else makes you a better person? I am so looking forward to the different answers that I will get! The best thing about love, is that it comes in all forms, romantic love, the love between a dog and their owner, sisterly love, motherly love. I am excited to explore and photograph all aspects of love! so stay tuned…Until then here are a few clips and quotes from around the web.

I adored this video from soul pancake so much, “what does love look like?”  I wanted to share it with you. Check it out here.

Also a classic Beatles song for you here.

One of my favorite quotes: “there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice”_-F. Scott Fitzgerald.

 If you don’t know about VINE yet you should check it out. I am mostly attracted to the silent loops that some people have gotten really creative with. Here is the 6 second loop I made while prepping for this shoot. You can follow me @kateuhryphoto.  

PS- The pom pom flowers are from the Etsy shop, steph loves ben! You can purchase your own. She has the sweetest stuff! xoxokate