making wreaths

making wreaths

Pardon the radio silence. I have been enjoying the last week or so unplugged, with family. I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving!  About two weeks ago I started looking at wreaths on Terrain, a favorite website & store of mine. They have beautiful wreaths, but they are a bit pricey. I wanted to try and make my own, to save on money, and thought it would be a fun project.

making wreaths

I decided what kind I wanted to make based on some I had seen on Pinterest, and some I saw online at Terrain. I collected pinecones last year, so I already a lot of dried ones to make the wreaths. The greens I cut from some assorted pines outside. I used white pine, spruce, & cedar. Whatever you have outside will work.


I especially like the really natural wreaths, and fell in love with this reindeer moss wreath. So I ordered the moss from Michaels along with a glue gun. This was by far the easiest (if not the most time consuming one). A simple red bow, or nothing at all makes it look really christmassy.

Here is what you need to make these wreaths:

glue gun

wire cutters

floral wire

moss (I would order more than you think you need) One wreath took two bags.

cuttings from outside

pinecones, bittersweet or anything you’d like to mix in with the greens.

wreath forms.

wire ribbon if you’d like

I used a cardboard wreath form for the moss, and a wire one for the greens. You could actually make a pinecone wreath as well with the cardboard and the glue gun.

I ordered all my supplies from Michaels. Here is a great tutorial that helped me with the greenery wreath from the one and only Martha.

And here is last years DIY project if you are interested in making a pinecone garland. And my DIY boxwood wreath.

Now that the holidays have officially started I will be off-line for a lot of the time, though I may jump in here or there with a recipe or project. I wanted t o add that my phone died for about three days, and it was so freeing not to be feathered to something, I ended up spending more time engaged in real conversation and it was so nice. I hope to do more of that in the next month!

If you’d like to keep up to date with me follow along on Instagram! Happy crafting, making and doing! xo