mid-century modern

I’m quite taken with interiors of all kinds, modern, cottage, beach chic, and the likes. But my heart is true to 50’s + 60’s modern, especially Charles and Ray Eames, and I get this all from my mother- can one inherit taste? As a teen I spent a lot of time at MOMA. Growing up in New York City, possibilities for exploring are endless, and I loved spending weekends, or afternoons strolling around MOMA. In college I took so many art history classes for my major in studio art that at one point early on in my photography career I thought I wanted to be a designer, or interior decorator. In college I spent time studying all of the mid-western architects, I was just an hour from Chicago and some of the best examples of Frank Lloyd Wright homes.  I spent a short time in the mid 90’s working at a very hip design firm, that was led by two men who met while they worked at Charles and Ray Eames’ studio in Santa Monica, I learned even more about design there, while cataloging Pantone colors, textiles, and organizing their slide library. While I realized then, that it may not be the career for me, it was a very influential and amazing experience.

The light was so perfect in my parents new apartment, I couldn’t help but photograph it. I like old and new, but am always particularly interested in Swedish and modern design. If every home could just have at least one room with floor to ceiling bookshelves….don’t you think? (oh, and a Eames chair).