monica + colin

Colin and Monica, Fairfield, CT

Monica and Colin were married on August 3, in Fairfield, CT.  It should be said, right off the bat, that they are the funniest and most loving couple. You can just tell they are great friends by the smiles on their faces when they interact. To fully get it see the group shot (with Colin hamming it up) and the last shot, with Colin rocking out with his nephew. When I say this wedding party had some moves, I am not exaggerating. When Monica gave me a typical shot list she wrote “crazy dancing”, and I didn’t know what she meant till I saw it with my own eyes. I had so much fun shooting their wedding. Also, it should be said that the adorable ring barer did not want to pose for too many pictures (well none) unless I caught him on the jungle gym, but he did a fantastic job of getting down the aisle (that’s Oscar, taking a picture of me!). Not too often I find a couple that likes to rock out to Rob Base. Thanks you two for including me in the celebration. You can also see some more pictures of them here + here  (where they had a first look at each other, so sweet).