morning rituals (and really good oatmeal)


morning rituals and really good oatmealmorning rituals and really good oatmeal

What are your morning rituals? Mine have changed so much over the course of my life. Making sure I’m hydrated started as one of my top resolutions this year (drinking more water). It seems a fairly easy thing to do for most people, but guys, I literally forget to drink water. I can go a whole day with just one glass. I know that’s really bad, so now I carry around a bottle of water with me. I am still not up to 8 glasses but I am much better.  I also, took the advice of a friend (and Cameron Diaz’s new book) of starting off the morning with a glass of water before doing anything else. I also (as a lot of people do) decided I needed to start eating healthier. One of my bad habits, was just having two large cups of coffee for breakfast, and nothing else. But lately I have been making myself something really healthy & delish so I though I would share it with you, organic oatmeal with loads of mix-in’s. I make my coffee & this oatmeal: You can prepare the night before if you like, by pre-cutting up the nuts and fruit. This isn’t rocket science, or really a recipe, but just an idea, you can add in what you like, or substitute different nuts (add heavy cream if you prefer).

You’ll need some organic, steel cut, or regular oat meal (steel cut is a bit heavy for me). 


Organic oatmeal


Dried Figs

Flax seed

Dried Cranberry

Coconut creamer


Cook oatmeal according to box directions. Chop up the almonds and the figs to bite size pieces. When the oatmeal is done, add in ingredients. You can top with maple syrup or brown sugar, I use a bit of coconut creamer rather then milk or cream. Hope you enjoy, and if you have any of your morning routines or healthy quick breakfasts, I’d love to hear about them!