natural (at home) face masks


natural face masks

Who couldn’t use a little pick me up in the middle of January? It’s very cold and dry here in the Northeast, so I love the nutrient rich avocado mask.  Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, pretty much everything you need, you may already have in your kitchen. So here you have some of my favorite at home masks. They are all pretty much self explanatory or click the on links for the recipes 1.Avocado mask (for dry skin) 2. Oatmeal and honey (provides exfoliation) 3.Green tea 4.Greek yogurt 5. Egg white. Simply remove the yolk , you can save it for your hair, or use it for something else). Whisk the white and let it sit on your face till it hardens, good for oily skin, & for tightening pores.