New Photo Presentation Boxes

New Photo Presentation BoxesI wanted to jump on the blog quickly to let all my new wedding clients know about our new photo presentation boxes. Last year I was disappointed when the company I used in California closed down shop. I loved their artisan linen boxes and albums. So I have been on the hunt for new ones, to present to my clients for the upcoming season. Well, I finally found them, and they are gorgeous!

For me, having actual tangible prints is so important. This is why each session or wedding includes either prints, or an album. Here is the thing: if you have lovely pictures, and they sit on your computer somewhere, you don’t really get to LOOK AT THEM! What is the point in that? Pictures should be handled, hung, framed, and shared. RIGHT? New Photo Presentation BoxesI love the neutral tone, and you can display the box right on your coffee table or bookshelf. Or keep on your desk at work!