new years resolutions and trusting your heart


bride in white-styled shoot-Kate-Uhry-photographyIt seems that as soon as Christmas is over, I start feeling like it’s clean up time. Both figutively and literally. Just two days ago I was taking down my tree—needle’s sheding everywhere and  all I could think of was,’It’s time to clean ‘. I didn’t just mean the house, but everything seemed to need a clean slate for the new year, including my website. I’ve never been in love with the design I commissioned over a year ago, but somehow felt I should settle. Knowing that my site is my storefront, I knew it wasn’t truly representing who I was, as an artist, or as  person. So began a two day knuckle-wrenching process of trying to do this website thing myself.

So aside from my cliché resolutions; take better care of myself, work out at least 5x a week, eat more whole grains, drink more water, I really want to focus this year on trusting my heart. I know that if I start trusting my gut/heart that I will accomplish a lot more, instead of having to backtrack, as I did with the website. In most cases, my intial idea is always the best one. As I am getting into my late 40’s I am realizing that “gut/heart” (whatever you like to call it) is very real, and it’s getting louder. I just need to trust it. I know my heart is usually right when it comes to creative things, which is why, in the last 24 hours I completely reinvented my entire web site (well almost).  I still have some work to do, but i’m glad that I finally realized that I could do it on my own.

As we all move forward in the new year, I hope (along with your own resolutions) you will resolve to trust your heart and head, especially when it comes to things you feel passionate about. Whether it be work, family, or an artistic endeavor. So aside from bucket lists, I hope you will also resolve to trust and believe in yourself. I sign off this year, just before midnight, bleary-eyed from staring at my computer screen for nearly 48 hours streight.  I wish you all a wonderful, prosprerpous, and fantastic 2015!

PS. Have you heard this song? It’s a great way to kick off the new year

*This is an old image I shot I just found on my computer when sorting through, 2009 (I think) It’s  a bit out of focus but I love it anyway. Follow your heart.