Nikon FG-20

Lets backtrack a bit, shall we? I finally had the roll of film developed that I shot all the way back from Thanksgiving. I wanted to pick up my original film camera. I shot the last roll of Kodak b&w film I had-they don’t make it any longer, so I kind of held on to to it forever mostly for nostalgia. Most of these were taken in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on little neck, where we spent Thanksgiving. I just sort of wandered off by myself one morning and drove to the furthest point I could towards the water, and I couldn’t go any further (later finding out it is called Little Neck). It was cool and somewhat windy, but I jumped out and took those few shots.  They are so grainy and moody, I think. The film was probably ten years old, so who knows about the quality, but it was mostly for nostalgia’s sake. So mission completed.